Friday, March 8, 2019

"The Vanishing" leads the 2019 cinematic charge

Like a modern day The Treasure of Sierra Madre (1948), and with slight shades of Sam Raimi's A Simple Plan (1998), The Vanishing presents us with an-all-too-familiar premise: three friends who are working a three-month shift at a lighthouse off the Scottish Isles find a mysterious boat carrying a chest full of gold.  Where did it come from?  Should they report it or keep it for themselves?  Soon their dilemma turns into a devastating struggle for survival.

Based on true events surrounding the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers on Flannan Isles way back in 1900, Krystofer Nyholm's low key thriller is the first truly great film of a very young 2019 year.  Starring the often overrated Gerard Butler (who does impressive work here indeed) and the underrated English character actor Peter Mullan, the movie pulls you into its spellbinding vortex immediately, and never lets go.  It's also proof that less is more: with only three characters at its center - and a few others who appear briefly - The Vanishing creates genuine thrills while utilizing only one small location and throwing its protagonists into a bloody, tense quandary. It is the most gripping movie I've seen in some time.


eneurian said...

whilst i agree 'The Vanishing' is an amazing work of art. i have to disagree the Gerard Butler is often over-rated. he has always been capable of this level of performance. it is the american film industry who typecast him in ''bad-ass'' mode and won't let him out. if hugh Jackman and ryan Reynolds can get away with playing badass to silly why won't you let Gerard Butler do it without a thrashing? he's an acto he has great range, let him stretch.

acestroke said...

Fair enough.