Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Romantic" is neither what it claims to be, nor funny πŸ˜¬πŸ˜•

Rebel Wilson, with her overwhelming Down-Under charm and in-your-face comical attitude, may yet prove to be the next generation's Melissa McCarthy.  However, in her new "comedy", Isn't it Romantic?, in which she's - for the first time, if I'm not mistaken - featured as the leading lady, she not only fails in that attempt, but also displays a desperation of wanting to star in something - anything - so badly that she never even bothered to read the damn script.  For, you see, if she had, I seriously doubt she'd have appeared in this instantly forgettable attempt at a sitcom-stretched-out-to-feature-length trash.

After a horribly awkward and humorless scene in which she is mugged by a New York City lowlife, she is knocked out unconscious and eventually wakes up in a fantasy world where all the characters and situations perfectly resemble archetypes from a typical Hollywood romantic comedy.  All the men that approach her are handsome, everything looks shiny and clean, and the extent of her problems is which of the two men (the charismatic but egotistical Liam Hensworth, or the funny, down-to-Earth Adam DeVine) will she end up with.  Even though every clichΓ© we're presented with is done with a tongue in cheek self-awareness, the result is, nevertheless, mostly a laugh-less one (Brandon Scott Jones, as the heroine's over-the-top flamboyantly gay best friend, is solely responsible for the movie's biggest laughs, but alas, those are few and far between).

Had Isn't It Romantic? not been advertised as a "comedy" that's spoofing other romantic comedies, then perhaps I wouldn't have been so disappointed.  The movie borrows all the worst elements (literally!) from the rom-coms that preceded it, and then does absolutely nothing with them.  So, to answer its titular question: no, it's not romantic, but even worse, it's not fucking funny, either!

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