Saturday, March 12, 2016

Instead of a Gun, perhaps Jane should've gotten a better script? Yeah, probably

I never thought of Natalie Portman as a Western movie heroine with a gun, but here we are, and the result is... mediocre. After her current husband/former criminal is shot down by his old gang, she has no choice but to ask her former fiancee for help. The result is a series of flashbacks about what-ifs and what-could've-beens between two people who used to love each other, but whom time has simply... passed. The actors do as much as they can with a very average (below average? Your call) script, and the ever great Joel Edgerton, that charismatic Australian who's appearing in about 3 movies every year, does a good job of shedding his homeland's accent and adapting a cowboy's one. Ewan McGregor is actually half-decent as the leader of the gang so hell bent on revenge he actually blindly walks into a fatal trap. But the biggest flaw here is the lack of chemistry, not only between the two lovebirds at the center, but basically between all the actors, and the result is a movie as forgettable as a sunset on a cloudy Wild West evening.

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